Extraordinary Range of Marine Life

Deep Sea, Submarine Canyons

The Bremer Canyon is a series of deep sea, submarine canyons that are host to an extraordinary range of life that feeds thousands of creatures both great and small.

During the summer months we see a peak in production which attracts the convergence of predators such as sharks, Pilot Whales, Sperm Whales, Beaked Whales and of course the apex predator, Killer Whales. The smallest of the food chain can be found in gargantuan availability, tiny lifeforms known as plankton feed krill which in turn feeds species such as squid and pelagic fish species.

The larger predators then begin to target this plentiful food source before we see ourselves observing the Killer Whales specialising in hunting the squid, tuna and Beaked Whales in the feeding grounds.

Like every environment there are ebbs and flows in the peak of each season and from January to April we see a huge increase in the availability of food through this region. There are over 80 canyons that run along this southern stretch of coastline and move up towards the continental shelf.

Creating a unique topography and affecting the flow of currents, these canyons which include Bremer Canyon, are the basis of the beginning of the food chain and a fundamental part of the production of life.