Wild and pristine coastline of Western Australia

Stunning, Peaceful, Unforgettable

Bremer Bay is a peaceful, coastal town located 5 hours drive from Perth in Western Australia. Located between Esperance and Albany, the history of Bremer Bay dates back to the 1800’s when a family known as the Wellstead’s built the first homestead in the 1850’s with a telegraph station following in in the 1870’s. The original name of the town was Wellstead before a petition in 1962 had the town named Bremer Bay.

The Wellstead family and their history are still proudly represented to this day, you can visit the Wellstead Museum during your time in Bremer Bay and see over 6,000 exhibits that will take you through the Wellstead families history and their dedication to their land.

"A stunning location that is connected to nature"

Bremer Bay is a fantastic place for families and individuals who want to experience the wild and pristine coastline of Western Australia. A stunning location that is connected to nature, the isolation and peacefulness of the town enables the wildlife to continue as they have done for hundreds of years.

Hosting some of the healthiest and happiest cetaceans on the planet, Bremer Bay is a must visit locations for whale and dolphins lovers from around the world, a place you will never forget.