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Western Australian Family Owned & Operated ensures superior quality service.

100% Guaranteed

Life time sighting guarantee - Guaranteed to see Killer Whales or a return tour for free.

Our Vessel

The largest, fastest most luxurious whale watch vessel in WA so you spend more quality time with the Whales.


Just 20 nautical miles off the coast - 1 hour transit time.
Apex Marine Predators

Bremer Bay Killer Whales

Western Australia's Killer Whales are unique to Australian waters in such a confined area for certain parts of the year. These apex predators hunt along the continental shelf for giant and collosal squid and are also known to take other cetaceans including beaked whales. Come and witness this truly unique experience as we hunt with the Bremer Bay Killer Whales.

Majestic Coastal Town

Bremer Bay

The majestic small coastal town of Bremer Bay is fast becoming the Hamptons of the Great Southern. Having always been favoured for family holidays and camping the town now plays host to one of the true wonders of the world, the Bremer Bay Killer Whales. During the months of January though April the population surges and accommodation must be booked prior to travel. Enjoy world class, untouched beaches, fishing, camping and of course the world famous Bremer Bay Killer

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What Our Customers Say

Best day ever. The only operator to choose for whale watching. Very comfortable and luxurious boat, plenty of room for all passengers. The team of WhaleWatch WA are wonderful providing the most amazing experience I’ve had whale watching.

So much excitement when we sighted a pod of Orcas very early in the day and were able to see them and other pods for the entire time out. These amazing wild animals provided a great experience for us all.

The team onboard are very knowledgeable about all the habits and preferences of the orca. They show great respect to these wild animals in their own habitat and it was a pleasure and an honour to be part of this experience. 

Aussietravellers1 (Tripadvisor)

Absolutely amazing day! Spent today watching a pod of 100 Orcas hunting, eating salmon (very posh) playing and entertaining us. These gentle giants are so beautiful.

The boat is beautiful spotlessly clean, comfortable and perfect. Food and drinks provided all day. The staff are amazing knowledgeable, attentive, patient, friendly. They looked after the couple of people who were abit “green around the gills”. 100% recommendation! Thank you so much.

Dianne V (Tripadvisor)

The boat was great, the staff were great. Snacks and drinks available all day. Got to see a massive pod of dolphins then followed a family of orcas all day. It was amazing, you can see them clearly.

Barns Smith (Tripadvisor)